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Quartzite Slabs

Quartz vs Quartzite : What's the Difference?

Quartzite is like nature’s rock art, formed from sandstone under pressure and heat. It’s tough and comes in many colors and patterns, perfect for busy places like kitchens.

Quartz, on the other hand, is like a superhero mix of crushed quartz minerals and resins. It’s sturdy, doesn’t stain easily, and comes in lots of colors, though it looks more uniform.

If you want a unique, tough stone that needs a little care, go for quartzite. But if you prefer something low-maintenance with consistent style, quartz might be your pick. Both are great options depending on your taste and lifestyle.

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Cristallo Delmar Polished

Bianco Superiore Polished

Victoria Leathered


Green Goddess

Ocean Fantasy

Taj Mahal

Montreux Polished

Le Blanc

Azurra Bay

Blue Paradiso



Azul Do Mar

Azul Macaubas

Belvedere Leather

Bianco Lux

Blue Roma

Blue Tempest

Botanic Crystal

Breccia Blue

Calacatta Quartzite

Clair de Lune


Crytos Quartzite

Da Vinci

Emerald Green


Luce Di Luna

Monaco Quartzite

Pandora Quartzite

Perla Bianca

Pietra Del Cardozo


Portoro Quartzite

Quartzite Nera

Roma Imperiale

Rosa Cristallo

Saratoga Quartzite

Spider Black

Statuario Quartzite

Taj Mahal

Verde Laguna

Vitoria Regia

White Macaubas

Super White 1st Choice


Titanium Gold Leather copy



Ceppo Creme Honed